Man of the Year Campaign


Welcome to my Man of the Year campaign page!

I know that there has been a bit of a lull in my posts of late, but I promised to post when there was big news to share, and let me tell you – I’ve got a lot to share!

On Monday, March 4th I was told by my doctor that I have officially reached my 6- month remission mark as my CT scan came back clean!  Huge news in my world and the world of my family and friends.  I won’t lie and say it wasn’t weighing me down a bit – the wondering if my scan would be clean, if I would be given a clean bill of health across the board.  Thirteen days later I celebrated this milestone by running the 2013 NYC Half Marathon.

Now that I can confidently continue forward and continue to embark on all the wonderful things in my life, I wanted to share with you another piece of amazing news…

LLS has bestowed me with an incredible honor by nominating me as a candidate for 2013 Man of the Year!!  In the spirit of giving back and helping others afflicted with blood cancers, I am embarking on a 10-week fundraising competition from March 27th – June 6th, 2013.

If you ever needed additional reasons to donate, you can hear directly in my own words what this campaign means to me

Josh Lite newmusic2-you tube from Josh Lite on Vimeo.

Every dollar raised is a vote for me for Man of the Year, and the money goes directly to LLS to help others as they battle blood cancer.  There is a donation button on the top of the page for you to contribute to the cause.

Some quick facts:

My reasons for tackling this are more than my experience, but also for the experiences of everyone else that is touched by blood cancer, and cancer in general.  We all either have a family member, loved one or friend that has had to fight cancer head on and I want to do my part to continue the quest to find a cure.

Your donations can go a long way to getting there…

$2,000 provides financial assistance for four New York families touched by blood cancers.

$500 provides a one-year stipend for a patient to use for co-pays or treatment transportation.

$200 provides funding for one year of a Family Support Group Program.

$100 covers the cost of one tissue-typing test used to identify a bone marrow donor.

$50 covers the cost of one CT scan.

$25 covers the cost of prescription co-pay.

With your help we can win Man of the Year and help LLS to advance its battle to defeat blood disorders!